Marker & Acrylic on
Stonehenge Vellum
250 g/m², acid-free
22" X 30"

Dedrick McFadden

Black Lives Matter and we are committed to aiding in the fight against systemic racism and oppression. For the life of our business, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the Black is Beautiful Poster Project to organizations dedicated to fighting racial injustice. We will be tracking the sale of these original artworks and each quarter we will choose an organization to which we will donate any funds collected. We will share our progress with you on social media.

100% of proceeds will be donated to Hood Huggers International.

Hood Huggers International builds greater communication, connection and wealth in systemically marginalized neighborhoods in the Affrilachian region through the arts, environment, and social enterprise.

A Hood Hugger is anyone who restores themselves while helping to transform their communities for the good of all. Affrilachia refers to African Americans living in Appalachia. “The term was originally coined by Frank X Walker in reference to the region of Appalachia, a mountain range stretching over thirteen states along the East Coast of the U.S. from Mississippi to New York, Affrilachia is an ever-evolving cultural landscape poised to render the invisible visible.

Hood Huggers offers sustainable strategies for building support pillars for resilient historically African American neighborhoods, providing a framework for community capacity building and maintaining while increasing the effectiveness of existing service programs. These strategies build a culture of stability that inclusive and economically just.

Visit hoodhuggers.com/donate for more ways to contribute.