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Marker, Oil Pastel & Acrylic on
Stonehenge Vellum
250 g/m², acid-free
22" X 30"

Isabelle Klauder

Jean Michel Basquiat began his short but prolific career as a graffiti artist in the streets of New York. He adopted a deliberately street smart and seemingly naïve style, yet his art also contained sophisticated references to contemporary culture and art history. Basquiat drew his cryptic visual vocabulary from numerous sources ranging from ancient Egyptian art to books to the symbols of the Depression-era hobo code. Images of the Sacred Heart, a Catholic symbol of pain and suffering, symbolize personal anguish and the artist’s Haitian heritage. Basquiat continually juxtaposed such emblems in different combinations as if they were phrases of a personal language, like a visual diary.

Black Lives Matter and we are committed to aiding in the fight against systemic racism and oppression. For the life of our business, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the Black is Beautiful Poster Project to organizations dedicated to fighting racial injustice. We will be tracking the sale of these original artworks and each quarter we will choose an organization to which we will donate any funds collected. We will share our progress with you on social media.

100% of proceeds will be donated to Artists Designing Evolution Project.

Artists Designing Evolution (adé PROJECT) is a Asheville community-based, learning organization comprised of artists, organizers, students, educators, entrepreneurs, and community leaders that cooperate to create a world beyond oppression, and inequity by building capacity, opportunity, and community with Black, indigenous, people of color (BiPOC) while preserving culture with creative, sustainable solutions – one project at a time. adé PROJECT organizers, members, and supporters are intergenerational, intersectional, integrated beings that lead the work from lived experience, an embodied Manifesto, along with creative facilitation, entrepreneurship, service, storytelling, and training + education as a strategic response in the face of inequitable power and cultural erasure in communities around the Southeast + Global South. adé PROJECT is legacy work in the name of justice.

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